About Me

an esoteric mytsic gypsy witch

Born in the orient to parents from different places, whose parents were from different places, whose parents.… Some were wanderers, some were adventurers and some were fleeing for their lives.

Maybe it's my Caucus ancestry or maybe I just have itchy feet, whatever it is, I don’t like to stay put for long, I’m in no rush to ‘get there’ and I like to be surrounded by my things (especially my library). I would have made a great snail but in this life I’m a Gypsy.


Marinated in Su'an Ming from birth, it started with cartomancy, astrology and oneiromancy (cards, stars and dreams). Later came tasseomancy (tea-leaf reading), crystal & herbal magic, sigil magic, witchcraft, some classical philosophy, Jung’s archetypes and Joseph Campbell’s mythology, all shaken and served with crushed mint, a twist of lime and imbibed, often barefoot, under moons of all phases. I’m a self confessed LUNAtic, a moonshine lush, who ebbs and flows with each phase. Our luscious moon plays a pivotal part of my magical rituals and as a guide in my divination. I know now, more than ever, that symbology is the key to decoding divine knowledge and self-knowledge and I feel privileged to help people gain insight when they want it.

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