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Crystals Shapes and how to use them

These are a few of the most common shapes crystals come in. Some are natural, and some are carved.

When I choose a crystal to work with, I like to consider the shape of the crystal if I can. What am I going to do with it?

With a little knowledge of shapes,  you can boost the energy that is divinely ingrained in the structure, vibration and chemical make-up of your stones.

If you have any specific questions, please comment and I’ll do my best to answer them!

Goddess bless,

Blonde Gypsy

Tumblestones (polished but natural)

These pebbles are irregular and smooth and are best for carrying around in your pocket (or bra), put in mojo bags or bowls, used in grids shrines or placed on the body for healing. A great affordable all-around shape.

Clusters (natural)

The magic of clusters is the privilege of seeing how crystals grow in their natural form. These can be used any way you can place or hold them.

Hearts (carved) 

This probably won’t come as a surprise, but this shape is best for when you’re using a crystal for love or heart chakra work. Depending on the size you can carry it with you, place it on your altar or on the body during physical work.

Spheres (carved)

It’s hard for this shape not to be a favourite. Spheres send their energy in all directions equally and never miss a spot. If they’re small enough, you can hold them while you work with them but they do tend to roll off the body. I use them on their own, in the centre of grids or in meditation mostly.

Eggs (carved)

As a representation of creation, birth, rebirth and growth, this shape is ideal for new moon and other rituals for manifesting new beginnings and for giving birth to new ideas. And of course, anything fertility oriented.

Generators (natural or carved)

Often 6 sided, always flat on the bottom and pointed on the top, and placed either on their own or in the centre of grids and used to charge other crystals. Sometimes held or placed on the body but there are probably better, or more comfortable, shapes for that.

Pyramids (carved)

For many the pyramid is a vortex of energy. Drawing from the earth and directing to the sky. Representing the integration of the divine trinity in the triangle, and the four sides that represent the 4 directions – north south east west and their corresponding elements of fire, earth, air and water all channelled into an energy conduit and sent to the 5th element, ether. The is a GREAT shape for a witchcraft altar and often used in grids and on the body.

Obelisk (carved)

The symbol of Osiris, god of the afterlife and a master of renewal. Obelisks we created by the ancient Egyptians in order to raise a pyramid so it could touch the sky and be closer to the gods. Obelisks combine the power of the pyramid with that of the generator. A GREAT balanced channeler of energy.

Wands (natural and carved)

These are mainly used to direct energy. They can come rounded and used as massage wands. Single terminated wands are pointed on 1 end and send energy through that point. Double terminated wands have points on both ends which enable it to send and receive energy. These are incredible for energy work, spell work and gridding.

Vogel Wands (carved

Hi, my name is Blonde Gypsy and I am a Vogelholic. (I have the exact one pictured above) I use them as tools to draw in and focus energy and to dig out unwanted blockages and negativity. The angles of these carved wands are so precise they act as a collector, vortex, amplifier and director of energy. Magnificent! They can also be single or double terminated ‘Vogel wands were pioneered by Marcel Vogel, a research scientist who sought out to create the alchemical transmutation of “as above, so below”. The result of this man’s journey is the brilliant, otherworldly Vogel – a tool that is known to grant immediate access to the etheric body... To be considered a true Vogel, a crystal must meet a number of mathematical requirements…The sides on Vogel grant them amplifying ability and access to every plane of existence, making them incredible tools to use in manifestation…Sage Goddess

Other Carved Crystals

Angel, Merkaba, Skull, Animal etc combine the symbolism of the carving and the energy of the crystal. Angels are self-explanatory I think, Animals can represent spirit or totems as well as character attributes, Skulls represent ancestors and spirits from beyond the veil, and the Merkaba is a sacred geometry form of spirit/soul travel. All these can be used in the centre of grids, on altars/shrines or held in meditation.

If you want to learn more about crystals, here are a couple of books I recommend you have in your collection.

If you want to learn more about crystals, here are a couple of books I recommend you have in your collection.

AND if you want to know how to use crystals better in ritual, ceremony or spellwork, you can book a consultation with me! CLICK HERE

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