• Blonde Gypsy

Diary of a Gypsy Witch

Artemis struck her target, flung her moon bow over her shoulder and slammed back her tequila. “My work here is done” she said, as she strolled off to meet Midnight for a game of mischief.

Something has clicked into place this week, something powerful. Twice. And the week hasn’t even ended yet. Some celestial powers must be in perfectly alignment for me. See, I felt a shift, a magical groundswell, a quake along my metaphysical fault lines which caused an eruption of magical ju-ju.

The first time, was during a sigil spell a few days ago. It was a new one that I wanted to create, activate and dispatch to manifest. As an afterthought, I thought I’d try and reactivate my very first sigil as well. After all, I’d already called in the directions and invoked the elements, with a VIP invite to all Moon Goddesses, I had pen, paper and all other paraphernalia ready, so I flicked back my book of shadows and drew my first one.

Then I carried on as normal, resting one in each palm while alternately chanting both over and over. After a minute or so my palms started fizzing and my crown chakra (the top of my head) burst open. (Just a bit of context – I’m a card reader and when I do readings, the top of my head pops right off. When I’m casting it does too, mostly, but it’s gentler, it sort of floats off. And I have never, ever had the hand tingle.) So with my heart racing and not wanting to lose any ju-ju I compressed it all together and sent it out. I was jazzed until I passed out! Then last night, I was doing a completely different spell and BAM! My head and hands were triangulating ju-ju again and I think I may know why…

I’ve been exploring my connection to the moon recently. Or rather, leaning-in to my strongest connection to source right now, the Moon. I’ve created a moon altar, started a moon journal, focused on moon meditations and most importantly, I think, I’ve gone out every night to talk to the moon. I’ve made it a date, seriously, glass of wine and everything.

What I’m realising, is that I feel the best in moonlight. My yang retreats and my yin swells. I feel divinely (and Divinely) feminine. My connection to source is effortless at night even going as far as being a little wild and unruly. Thrillingly so! Which means I’ll be riding these moonbeams for a while yet.

Blonde Gypsy

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