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Divination Crystals

This is my list of crystals I find helpful for use in divination. Underlined, are the stones I use at every reading. Some are powerful conductors which help me get into state and connect to source, some aid in interpreting the messages and some are for protection. This list is by no means exhaustive, but most of these are available at specialty stores.

Choosing a crystal is like choosing a puppy: You're looking for a connection. So don’t rush, just hold the crystal in your palm and consciously try to connect with it. If you feel nothing, it’s not yours. When you find it, cleanse it and charge it with your intention. Do this regularly and it will thrive. 

Apophyllite - (pyramid) Carrier of the Akashic Record. Enhances energies by being a powerful vibrational transmitter. Lifts the veil between the physical and spiritual realms while grounding the physical body. Good for scrying and out-of-body journeying.

Amethyst- Vibrates at the level of the third eye, crown and heart chakras. Enhances all psychic abilities.

Aquamarine - Good for focus and intuition. A great clarifying stone.

Atacamite - Compels the third eye to open.

Azeztulite - Attuned to Very high frequencies. Opens third eye, crown and higher crown chakras.

Azurite - Vibrates at the level of the throat, brow and crown chakras. Enhances Clairvoyance, intuition, spiritual connections, psychic communication. Works well with Malachite.

Beryl - (golden) Outstanding stone for scrying and magical workings.

Bloodstone - Stimulates dreaming and facilitates clairaudience.

Calcite - Unlocks your higher consciousness to enable channelling, astral travel and out-of-body experiences.

Carnelian - Aids clairaudience, clairvoyance, development of psychic gifts and intuition, it helps transition the living to the spirit world and vice versa.

Celestite - Helps with dream recall, out-of-body journeys and clairvoyant communications.

Chrysocolla - At third eye, it opens psychic vision, dream states and strengthens psychic awareness.

Fluorite - (purple/violet) stimulates third eye chakra and makes sense of psychic messages.

Herkimer Diamond – Aids clairvoyance, spiritual visions, dream recall, connecting with spirit guides and past life information.

Iolite - Activates and increases psychic powers.

Jasper - (black) stimulates prophetic dreams and visions

Kyanite - Aids lucid dreaming, channelling and intuition.

Labradorite - This stone does everything. If you can only have one stone to aid in your divination, make it this one.

Lapis Lazuli - In third eye position, it will enhance intuition, psychic powers, clairvoyance and psychic communication. Important protection stone.

Malachite - See Azurite as one enhances the other.

Merlinite - A knowledge stone that can aid travel into past or future lives to gain insight.

Moldavite - Again, a knowledge stone of great power that can take you to past or future lives to gain insight.

Moonstone - Enhances psychic abilities especially lucid dreaming and intuition.

Muscovite - Used in scrying and astral travel. It is linked to the highest of realms.

Obsidian - Famous for scrying in a multitude of colours.

Opal - Induces a variety of visions.

Quartz - Boosts psychic vision in third eye position and is good for communication/understanding of messages from the spiritual realm when used with the crown chakra.

Sapphire - (black) Great for intuition (green) improves dream recall (purple) stimulates visions and psychic abilities (royal) stimulates third eye activation

Shattuckite - Clarifies visions and aids the understanding and communication of messages. Exceptional at liberating psychic abilities

Sodalite - Makes sense of spiritual perception psychic experiences.

Turquoise - Has helped communication between the physical and spiritual worlds for millennia.

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