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Goddess Guidance Cards by Doreen Virtue

If you can only have one Doreen Virtue deck (stop, I know, it doesn't bare thinking about but I said 'if') then this my pick. I adore it. From its radiant sunbeam and sky box to its gilt edged cards to its jewelled crown card back, this deck sings glory, hallelujah and go you sexy thing to hers on highest. These 44 gorgeous goddesses herald from across the mystical world representing the feminine divine of cultures ancient and modern.

I use my deck daily for myself, pulling a card to see what the day has in store for me or when I'm trying to figure out what approach would work best with say, a personal situation or a reading I'm about to do. Also, I pull one of these cards before every Tarot reading I do and ask for a message for the querent; what piece of advice do they need to hear regardless of the reading ahead.

I love the way each card has a name, representation and a very short (one line) description. In the guidebook there is, of course, a more detailed description of the card's meaning, including a 'message from the Goddess' written in the first person, that speaks straight to your spirit. But for the most part, the one on the card's face is ideal for my purposes.  I don't tend to use this deck for spreads though there are instructions for this in the guidebook if you fancy it.

So contented do I feel by just gazing at these cards, that I've decided to do a Goddess of the Day to highlight them individually so you can admire them all too. I realise this isn't exactly scale-able past day 44 but I'm prepared to wing it.

I bought these at my local occult shop, but if that doesn't suit, I know you can order them online all over the place, the cheapest is usually Amazon:

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