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Moon Magic by each phase

Updated: Oct 25, 2018


This is just a straightforward guide as to what each moon phase represents, when harnessing the magic of the moon. Depending on how much assistance you want from the moon goddess, you can perform a ritual at each phase, especially the new and full moon, large or small, asking for her blessings and assistance for what you are reaching to achieve.


New Moon

The dark moon has passed, and it’s time to emerge from your contemplation with some firm ideas of where you want to be going. Especially about what you want to flourish in your life. The moon is dark, so you have a blank canvas on which to project your desires, form them into conscious intentions and work towards manifestation.

The New moon phase is the time to set your intentions. What’s on the top of the list. What would you like to accomplish and tick off? You don’t need see the whole journey, just decide and commit to a direction you wish to go.


Waxing Crescent

Get your prepper on! It’s time to break out the whiteboard and do some planning. What have you got? What do you need? How can you get it? Take some time to answer, or gather the answers, to these questions. This time is about figuring out how you’ll accomplish your intentions.


First Quarter

We are go for launch and blasting off! Now is the perfect time to take those first steps, to activate your plan and get this party started. This is one of the most important steps in making manifest your deepest desires. Without action they’re just dreams.


Waxing Gibbous

Keep up the momentum. You may have to tweak your action plan, recorrect your course and employ some creative problem solving along the way, just keep moving forward.


Full Moon

Celebrate, dance, shower yourself in moonbeams, be merry, release the goddess and give thanks, for all the things you’ve achieved so far; better plans, measurable wins, not giving up, everything!


Waning Gibbous

Start the process of letting go of what no longer serves you in this and all previous cycles. Take stock of what’s not working for you; behaviours, people, attitudes, plans, etc. Still come form a place of gratitude, as some of these have protected you, made you feel safe or given you comfort when needed, but it’s time to say goodbye now, as there is no place for them in the future you’re working towards.


Last Quarter

As with the first quarter, now is the time for doing.  It’s all about activity. Do, do do. This is where you action the release of what you’ve acknowledged is holding you back, so you can progress unimpeded to where and who you want to be.


Waning Crescent to – Dark Moon (just before the new moon)

After the flurry of activity of the last quarter, it’s time to wrap up and slow down. Make the final discards of the unwanted, let them go with love and retreat to a safe space where you can rest, contemplate and reflect on how this past cycle has affected you. It’s time to care for yourself and calmly and securely look back and take stock of where you are now. Look at what you’ve accomplished, what’s still in progress, what’s still to do and what’s new! Kick back, chill, and mull it all over. A new moon cycle is around the corner but there’s time to relax and compose your thoughts before then.

Goddess bless,


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