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Programming Crystals

Programming Crystals is as important as cleansing them. I was asked the other day, and not for the first time, ‘how can I use my crystals better?’. So I thought I’d share how you can very simply amplify and focus the power of your stone and how this step of programming, or dedicating, maximizes the contribution your crystal can make to whatever work you’re doing.

This is especially true if you’re using it in spellwork (and by spellwork I include love, healing, energy work, protection, banishing, etc.), because you’re taking it, your stone, from a passive to an active tool. Programming gives the crystal a direction, an objective, a (re)quest.

I use my crystals to draw and direct energy, as conduits, as vessels and as offerings to spirits. If you do too, then with all of those uses, we have to program our crystals, so they know what we’d like them to do. And of course, for us to know whether they accepted our call. And before you ask, I can’t tell you how you’ll know, other than feeling it. For me, if it’s accepted, it’s usually a pulse of warmth in my hands or in my gut. It may be something different for you. I know someone who has a whiff of scent memory. The more you do it, the more you’ll feel it.

I’ll keep this very simple as you’ll find your own style as you experiment. So, this is a simplified version of how I do it at the moment:

  1. I take a minute to calm and centre myself, breathing smoothly.

  2. Clear and cleanse the piece I’ve have chosen — I use one or several of these depending on the crystal; moonlight, salt water, smudging or Selenite.

  3. Connect to universal divine source energy — This is the same ritual I use for any rite or spell work. Cleansing and dedicating my space by calling in directions, elements and deities and speaking the intention/purpose of the ritual.

  4. Hold or touch the piece with both hands and tune in to its vibration starting with my eyes shut and ending with them open, gazing at the crystal, consciously opening my senses.

  5. When I feel connected, I state the intention/use I have for the stone. For example “I call on your assistance to …… “ or “I offer this as a gift to …… to help in ……” Repeat this a few times (3, 7 or 13 times works for me)

  6. I sit until I feel our energies have been fused together.

  7. Then I simply give gratitude for the power and assistance and close out my ritual.

Now I have an, activated, dedicated and programmed crystal to use however I intended it.

Goddess bless,

Blonde Gypsy

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