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Symbolism - Arrow

Divination symbolism preamble  ---  Symbols usually have more than one meaning. In divination, that 'usually' turns into 'always and then some'. The only advice I can give you when you are trying to read cards, leaves, dreams or whatever is to situate the symbol. Consider the culture it might be attributed to, who within that origin story does it belongs to and it's function therein. ---  Where did it come from? Whose is it? What's it doing? And remember a symbol is part of the message, not the whole story. The rest is down to your intuition, which is powered by your connection to source. If you've got juice and you've done some research, the answer illuminates itself. 

Arrows are one of those symbols that is over represented in mythology as it is across nearly all cultures. This makes understanding the arrow's meaning more troublesome than interpreting usually is. Some meanings of an arrow might be:

  • Directional

  • Phallic/Penetrating

  • Focus to achieve a goal

  • Swiftness

  • Hunting/Hunters

  • Weapon of many god(dess)(s/es)/deities/shamans/warriors

  • Love (Gold)

  • Christ (Fire)

  • Supreme Power or Sunbeam

  • Protection/Warding Evil

  • Stairway to heaven

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