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Tarot - Goddess Archetypes Spread

I found a new spread to try this afternoon, The Goddess Archetypes spread by KiKi Dombrowski. Anyone who knows me knows how the word “Goddess” alone has me stretching my neck and twitching my head like a Meerkat on guard, so I was shuffling within minutes of discovering it.

I always keep my eye out for spreads that can help me illuminate answers the querents needs to hear. Using the archetypes here was such a relatable way to direct the cards. I’ll be adding this to my repertoire for the right reading of course, but today, it’s for me…

There are seven cards in this spread. 1-4 are left to right top row, 5-7 left to right bottom row

    1.The Great Mother: Your personality. What is developing and growing in your life right now.

Page of Coins New beginnings, the start of an idea/dream becoming a reality. The ground is fertile and I’ve got saplings already growing. I am flourishing!

  1. Hera: Goddess of Power. How to have power, control, and comfort in partnership and relationships. Where you can be more empowered. The role of boundaries in your life.

Wheel of Fortune –  Remember that life can be cyclical, roll with punches and the joys. There is opportunity in whatever season I’m in, whatever person I’m with and wherever I find myself. Remember to be agile and flexible.

  1. Athena: Goddess of Civilization. How to excel in your career and studies. An area of focus or an area that needs organization and a strong plan.

Nine of Wands – Stay positive and keep going, it isn’t over yet. Even though I’ve given so much already (and it certainly feels that way) I have what it takes to give more. So no, it isn’t cocktail time just yet.

  1. Aphrodite: Goddess of Sensuality. How to better love yourself and others. Areas where you can express yourself better. The role of romance and beauty in your life.

Four of Coins – Protective and defensive. I’m holding on so tight to what ground/protection I have there is no hand open to accept more. Ok, I get it, it’s time to drop my hankie and see what happens.

  1. Persephone: Goddess of the Underworld. How to explore your shadow side. Hidden and magical powers to pull out of the dark and examine carefully. How to hear intuition.

Five of Swords – What is the cost of the pursuit? Stay mindful of what I am doing to get what I desire. How will I feel if I go all in with abandon, consequences be damned?

  1. Artemis: Goddess of Nature. Where to bring more adventure and fun in your life. How to connect with nature. Forces out of your control and how to handle them.

King of Coins – Quality not quantity. Experience has taught me that I know what I like, what brings me pleasure and how to spot a waste of energy when it’s presented. I’m confident in my ability to navigate through the unexpected. I got this!

  1. Demeter: Goddess of Motherhood. Your natural talents. How to nurture yourself and others. Something to sacrifice for your own wellness and growth.

Page of Wands (reversed) – It’s time to be brave dammit and let go of the scaredy-cat, the lazy-cat, the later-cat, the maybewhen-cat. The time is now.

Well, that’s where I’m at, where I’ve been and where I could be going, if pay attention. How about you?

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