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Tarot - Relationship Spread - What are thinking right now?

Ain’t that the million dollar question!?!

I get asked some form of this at nearly every love reading I do. Let me tell you that I, and likely every other reader, crosses everything for a positive, happily-ever-after answer. But let’s face it, that’s not always the case. Regardless of what the outcome card says, we still want to know what’s going on in their heads and why? This spread I found by Emerald Lotus, concisely sheds light on what’s going on under the hood, without drowning in a dozen-card-reading that has you more puzzled than when you started. It’s the golden-mean between micro and macro analysis that leaves the querents (you) with a thorough, but not overwhelming, amount of detail from which they can chart their course forward.

1.       Card to represent other person

2.       How this person sees you

3.       How they feel about your relationship

4.       Something you’re ignoring about this person

5.       What your relationship is based on

6.       The future of your relationship

7.       A lesson for/from this relationship

Left to right: Top 1,2,3 Middle 4,5,6 Bottom 7

This reading is for a friend, you know who you are.

  1. Card to represent the other person – Four of Wands – The timer’s gone off! As far as relationships go, this person is ready to commit to a long-term one and build a home around it. Regardless of if they were born like this or have had a recent epiphany, they’re there now. If that’s what you’re looking for too, you are off to a great start!

  2. How this person sees you – The Hanged Man – Your OP (other person) isn’t convinced you’re on board yet. They’re waiting to see if you are willing to take the leap with them. They think you’ve got your foot on the brake.

  3. How they feel about the relationship – Nine of Coins – They believe this relationship has the ingredients to go the distance and deliver on the promise they’ve dreamt of and worked for. The relationship ticks all the boxes and as far as they’re concerned, and they can feel how close it is to getting over the line. They believe wholly that this relationship is the one to go all in on.

  4. Something you’re ignoring about this person – Five of Coins – Your OP is anxious about whether you are in it as much as they are. They feel overexposed, vulnerable and in need of reassurance. There are some wounds around abandonment that need addressing and assuaging.

  5. What your relationship is based on – King of Cups – Equanimity. Compassion. Respect. Thoughtfulness. Experience. Love.

  6. The future of your relationship – Ace of Cups – Your relationship has the potential to deliver all the LOVE you can handle. You are the key to their lock and vice versa. This is a fertile connection ripe enough to nourish you both and allow to thrive together

  7. A lesson for/from this relationship – Page of Swords – Hold hands, communicate and go for it! You have everything you need for this to work and work out magnificently. Put your relationship above yourselves and commit to the long haul.

Darling, this is everything you’ve wished for and I should know as I’ve been listening to your hopes and dreams for years. Remember my friend, no-one’s perfect, (well, maybe James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser but he’s MINE anyway) and no relationship is perfect, but you have everything you need in the palm of your hand and so do they. Don’t make me come over there unless it’s for a wedding or a baby snuggle, got it?

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