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(wtf is...) Connection to Source

If you only take home one thing from this post please, please, please let it be this:

Getting ‘into state’ is the single most important part of any magical/divinatory shenanigans! If you’re not connected to source energy, you’re not practicing magic.

‘Into state’ simply means to be connected to source and ‘source’ is source energy.

Source energy differs depending on what path you’re following. It might be a peerless deity, or a Shangri-La of Gods, Goddesses, Spirits or Daemons, or it can be an eternity of universal energy. Whatever it is to you, it is the source of magic that empowers, guides and nourishes you in your practice.

Getting into state is imperative every time, regardless of what type of divination or magic you’re doing. How you do this depends again on what path you follow and if you dance to the beat of your own drum, then how you do it is up to you. Me? I adorn certain pieces of jewellery, burn incenses, light candles, brew special tea etc. Then I invoke the spirits, deities and elements I work with. Calling them down and asking them to protect me and empower me to share the divine knowledge they give me with (a) truth and (b) kindness (these are the essence of my convictions, in other words, the most important values I have).

All this, is to consecrate myself and my space, breathing life into me and my place, transforming (some might say transmuting but that isn’t my perspective) from the mundane into the sacred. It’s taking the everyday person/space and making it open, alive and connected to source.

Once connected, some people say they feel a tingle, fizzing or heat in the hands, some feel it in the head, some both etc. For me, it’s predominantly my head. I feel as if the top is wide open and I’m slightly lightheaded with a gentle pulse of warmth emanating from my hands. Regardless of how you feel it, it’s important that you feel it. Specifically, that you feel connected to source energy and channelling.

Once I’m connected, it’s time to get down to whatever it is I’ve planned to do. Divine/spellcast/consecrate tools etc.

After I’ve done my work, I thank whomever/whatever I’ve called on, release that connection and close out the ritual. It usually takes a little while ‘till my feet are back on the ground, but I get there eventually usually feeling replete and dreamy.

Goddess bless,

Blonde Gypsy

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