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Yes, No, Maybe So - Pendulums

Let’s just start with me being luminously clear, I am in no way proclaiming that this is the be all and end all of pendulum use, I’m just sharing how I use mine. As I practice divination, I find it an invaluable tool.

Firstly, choosing the pendulum, the fun part! They’re made from all sorts of crystals, metals or stone, often kite shaped, though some people use something more personal like a ring, there are so many options. I’ve seen some cool ones that have a chamber in them to tuck herbs or other magical paraphernalia inside.

I believe your connection to your tool is more important than what it’s made from. Mine’s a gorgeous piece of double terminated Herkimer Diamond I fell in love with through a shop window and it’s the most responsive and accurate pendulum I’ve EVER used. So, play around with a couple and see what works best for you.

Consecrate (and recharge) your tool — This can be done several ways depending on your path, just make sure you cleanse it to remove any residual energies attached beforehand then forge your own connection — Regularly energize your tool. Charge it up so it can conduct the source energy you call into it. Mine’s a crystal so I charge it by smudging it, bathing it in moonlight and resting it with Selenite. Then, it’s time to get your magic on…

‘…Opening up your connection to source — Getting into state is imperative every time, regardless of what type of divination or magic you’re doing. How you do this is up to you. Me? I wear certain pieces of jewellery, burn incenses, brew special tea etc. Then I invoke the spirits, deities and elements I work with. Calling them down and asking them to protect me and empower me to share the divine knowledge they give me with (a) truth and (b) kindness. These are the essence of my convictions, in other words, the most important values I have. All this is to consecrate my space and myself, transforming it from the mundane into the sacred. It’s taking the everyday person/space and making it alive, connected and thrumming with spirit/magic.

Once connected, some people say they feel a tingle, fizzing or heat in the hands, some feel it in the head, some both etc. For me, it’s predominantly my head. I feel as if the top is wide open and I’m slightly lightheaded with a gentle pulse of warmth emanating from my hands. Regardless of how you feel it, it’s important that you feel it. Specifically, that you feel connected to source and channelling…’

Also, I always ask (every time) some questions to confirm which way the pendulum is swinging for yes/no/maybe. For example:

  • Am I sitting down? Yes (I find it the most comfortable way to keep still)

  • Do I have a pet baby Orangutan? No (sadly)

  • Will I have a glass of wine with dinner tonight? – Maybe

When I’m sure I know which way it’s going, I know it’s time to ask the real questions.

Especially with a pendulum, I think the wording of questions is important, so I try to be precise in what I’m asking. If I need clarification, I’ll ask the question a couple different ways, qualifying as I go, but being careful not to over ask either, it just gets confusing. I don’t always get yes/no answers. Sometimes no matter how I ask the question, I’ll get a maybe/rephrase response. Sometimes, the answer is not ready to be revealed. It could be that there are just too many variables in play.

When it’s over, when I’ve asked the questions and have the answers, I thank the spirits/guides/elements/deities etc. for their help and guidance and close out the ritual.

Goddess bless,

Blonde Gypsy

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